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Updated: Apr 25

A little peek into the Core Collection of eco silver jewellery I have designed and created so far.

Each piece is created using recycled sterling silver, promoting a circular lifestyle that focuses on reusing and regenerating rather than the linear lifestyle of 'make, use, dispose'. As the world makes moves to reduce consumerism and fast fashion I wanted to make beautiful pieces created to last a lifetime by reusing what has already been produced rather than sourcing new.

The Core Collection was created with significant friends and family in mind and each piece was given a namesake. This incredible female support network is worth its weight in gold...or silver (awful joke sorry!) and hearing stories from customers far and wide about how they are buying a piece for somebody or in memory of somebody with the same name really is something special.


The diverse collection of eco sterling silver rings range from delicate and smooth to chunky and textured and look lovely stacked together in a variety of ways.

handmade eco sterling silver ring eleanor jewellery design

Catherine is simple in design. A slim eco silver stacking band perfect for layering with others. £28

handmade hammered rustic dainty stacking ring eco recycled sterling silver

Kelsey is a hammered version of the Catherine ring, with a high shine yet distressed finish. £28

chunky eco recycled sterling silver ring handmade

Laura is the perfect first piece for somebody wanting to begin their sustainable jewellery collection. Solid with a classic appeal. £55

handmade dainty pinky mini eco recycled sterling silver texture

Emilia is the 'little something extra' you never knew you needed. Emilia can be worn as a pinky or midi ring and combines a delicate smooth silver band with a forward-facing flat hammered embrace. £25

chunky eco recycled sterling silver 925 ring handmade

Rebecca makes a statement worn alone or stacked with Catherine or Kelsey. The organic indentations across the surfaces reflect the light beautifully and each ring is slightly different due to the hammering technique used - it really is completely unique to you. £45


Two of the necklaces I designed are in celebration of my Mother and Mother-in-Law. Both pendant necklaces, they epitomise Eleanor Jewellery Design by using a variety of texturising techniques to achieve a natural aesthetic polished to a high shine.

recycled eco handmade sterling silver necklace circle eleanor jewellery design

Sheila is a classic circle pendant necklace symbolising eternal love and strength and is the perfect gift. £45

eleanor jewellery design handmade eco sterling silver recycled necklace

Anne is a striking rectangular shaped pendant on an exceptionally sparkling chain. Bold yet feminine. £45


The capsule collection of earrings has you covered for every occasion. As I try to encourage sustainability and the long life of all of our products I didn't want 'fussy' or earrings that were too trend-led. I wanted to create one of each that would be part of your ethical jewellery collection for years to come.

hypoallergenic handmade silver earrings eco small dainty eleanor jewellery design

Christina is the perfect balance of simplicity and design. The hammered style makes them a lovely gift idea paired with the Rebecca ring or Sheila necklace. Tiny puddles of silver organically shaped and almost molten in style. £35

eco recycled handmade silver hoop earrings hypoallergenic eleanor jewellery design

Lynsey hoops are made from hypoallergenic sterling silver making them the perfect everyday hoop. Comfortable, lightweight yet with a solid 'forever' feel. £45

The Core Collection is available to buy direct from the website from the 'Shop' page and all pictures above are linked to the product page with more pictures and details.

All questions are always welcome via Email, Instagram or Facebook.

Eleanor x

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