Five Instagram Accounts I love ❤️


Hazel is a an NHS Doctor and Nutritionist and she is my daily reminder to move my body and how good it feels to do so. She's wholesome but real and focuses on finding the beauty in everyday. She raises awareness about little known medical conditions and gives realistic advice on mental and physical health. She is beautiful inside and out and helps you find that glow inside of you!


What a dream! Radhi is a breathe of fresh air and after the ups and downs of the past year or so she is just what you need in your life, I promise! She is energetic and is all about good vibes. She leads a plant based life and uses nature as her inspiration everyday. She loves food (almost) as much as I do and even for a meat eater like me, her recipes are filling for your tummy and your soul. She inspires me to make small changes and look for the good in everyday.


Now, I am slightly biased because I work with Wonderfully British and love the two ladies behind the brand, but honestly, you couldn't not! They have built a business around supporting small, local and sustainable businesses and work with British businesses creating everything from clothing to candles. I have used their directory of lovely businesses to buy birthday presents this year. I

believe you attract customers with the same energy, no matter what industry you work in and so far every business has been just as lovely as Wonderfully British themselves.

I have just bought a print from this lovely guy! I love it and know it will be the first of many. His pictures of Manchester range from dark and moody to serene and sunny. It feels different when you know the area and somebody manages to captures the beauty so well, so if you are local to Manchester then definitely check out his work. There are so many brilliant photographers on Instagram but the picture of Quarry Bank Mill above, gave me all of the feels and I really wanted to share it with you all!


Where would I be without these guys over the past year?! I don't watch the news regularly but I do think it is important to stay informed and Simple Politics make everything so easy to understand by removing all of the drama, negativity, fluff and noise. So many people were overwhelmed with the daily briefings and amount of information given to us during the first lockdown and I feel these guys really helped to ease anxiety and made it possible to catch up in a matter of minutes when you have the time and are feeling able and willing to do so.

Do you already follow and interact with any of the accounts above? Will you be doing so from now on? I hope they bring a little bit of joy to your day ✨

Sending love,

Eleanor x

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