4 cleaning methods for your recycled silver jewellery

So, you've bought yourself a shiny new piece of recycled silver jewellery and it's given you that extra bit of sparkle during lockdown, but, it's looking like it needs a little bit of TLC before the pubs reopen and you can finally showcase it to the world!

I have detailed four different cleaning methods for you to choose from to give your jewellery that extra bit of sparkle back✨

Our first way to clean your jewellery is simply to use Fairy liquid and hot water. Using a soft toothbrush gently buff the surface of your jewellery to release any built up dirt, oils from your skin and anything else dulling the shine of your favourite piece! This is my 'go to' method for keeping my jewellery free of dirt that could potentially cause tarnish in the future.

If your jewellery is tarnished there are a couple of different options to clean it. The first option is to use a mixture of vinegar, baking powder, foil and boiling water. This method is particularly effective for dull or 'yellowing' jewellery as the reaction between the ingredients helps to remove any surface staining.

The third method for cleaning is an alternative to the above for tarnished jewellery and uses a similar method. This is my favourite method for cleaning tarnished silver jewellery as from previous experience it has worked very well on several pieces that I left sat in a beautiful (and highly inappropriate) metal trinket box for months. Please don't leave your silver jewellery out in open air, or in contact with other metal when you're not wearing it. The little natural cotton bag that your jewellery is delivered in is the perfect place to store your treasured piece and is the reason that each piece of jewellery arrives in a separate pouch.

The final method for cleaning your handmade recycled silver jewellery is to use a mixture of the two methods above. Using foil, baking powder and vinegar it lifts dirt and tarnish from the surface of the jewellery.

One thing that all four cleaning methods and videos above share is the use of the town talk polishing cloth as the final part of the process. The cloth is imbued with anti-tarnishing properties to keep your jewellery shining and tarnish free. The cloths are available to buy for £3.20 just click here.

Top tips for keeping your jewellery sparkling;

- Wear it - the natural oils in your skin reduce tarnishing

- Don't wear your jewellery whilst sleeping, showering, cleaning or exercising.

- Make sure your jewellery is the last thing you put on in the morning when you're ready to go and the first thing you take off in the evening before showering etc. this reduces the contact between your jewellery and any moisturisers/perfumes/make up etc.

- Clean your jewellery regularly.

- If your handmade recycled silver jewellery is starting to look a little bit dull, use one of the methods above to bring back the sparkle. It's so very tempting to just leave it at the back of your jewellery box when it starts to dull but this can cause blackening of the silver or tarnishing that is much harder to remove.

Why not try all 4 of the methods above to find your favourite? For me, simple fairy liquid and hot water will always be my go to method because its so easy and effective but for tarnished items the third method is my favourite.

Now go and get those jewels sparkling for their big trip out into the real world!



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